Hiking Day 61 -16th March: Hiding from the rain

Hike Date 2009-03-16
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Distance 0 km
Day Number 61
Map Number 28
Destination Oyster Bay
Overnight Mark and Brenda
Terrain Rest
Nature Reserve
  1. 2 Responses

  2. By Caroline on Mar 17, 2009

    Hi Guys Heronbridge Grade R class are keeping a close eye on you and pray for you every morning in devotions. A little girl called Itayi prays that you will have food everyday because she is worried that you will go hungry. its seems God is definately listening. they have enjoyed seeing your progress on the web. it is now becomming a weekly event to gather around to see the next set of pics. Keep strong Lv Sis

  3. By chummy on Mar 26, 2009

    Hi Cass. What a prvilege to see the coastline like this. We live in a most beautiful country, just need the hearts of the people to be as beautiful. Tell Itayi that some days I have nightmares of been chased and eaten by a 'MONSTER MANGO'