Hiking Day 63 - 18th March: Arriving at J-Bay

Hike Date 2009-03-18
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Distance 21.2 km
Day Number 63
Map Number 29A
Destination Jeffery's Bay
Overnight Ferdi and Jaline
Terrain Beach
Nature Reserve
  1. 3 Responses

  2. By Jansie Blom on Mar 20, 2009

    Guys, really nice to meet you. Seriously, you're either crazy, or dead normal, and the rest of the world is missing something.

    God bless you on your journeys to come.

  3. By chummy on Mar 26, 2009

    Jansie, so good to meet you, tell me how do you get it right to have the girls by your side. Must be the Axe deodorant. (Check out Luke 11.42)

  4. By Jansie Blom on Apr 02, 2009


    i think they felt sorry for me ;-) thanks for the verse. Excellent proof of the fact that tithing is not necessarily godly.