Hiking Day 23 - 6th Feb: More wind to Noetsie

Hike Date 2009-02-06
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Distance 8.9 km
Day Number 23
Map Number 12
Destination Noetsie Hut
Overnight Noetzie Hut
Terrain Beach
Nature Reserve
  1. 5 Responses

  2. By Brenda Hallowes on Feb 07, 2009

    Hi Guys, great to see you making good progress. I've been informing everyone I meet about your website so I hope a lot of them are checking you out. I hope Saturday isn't too windy for you. God bless you both.

  3. By Robert Ella on Feb 08, 2009

    Chummy, Alan and Epic Eric,we will be spreading the word about your adventure around here in Australia.
    Keep your heads up.Chummy just an update on the Ozzie cricket team morale...very low,the Kiwi's are also doing some damage
    Catch you later

  4. By Wendy and Ian Jones on Feb 08, 2009

    Hi Al and Chummy

    Thanks for the birthday wishes Al. We are keeping up with your progress and so look forward to your updates and photos everyday. Stay safe, you are doing so well. With all our love, Wendy. (Sister in Perth)

  5. By alan on Feb 22, 2009

    Hi Robert thanks for your encouragement. We are looking forward to hosting the Aussie cricket team here soon!

  6. By alan on Feb 22, 2009

    Brenda thanks for your support. We are looking forward to seeing you in PE.