Hiking Day 26 - 9th Feb: Playing in the Waves at Blombos Strand

Hike Date 2009-02-09
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Distance 20.3 km
Day Number 26
Map Number 14
Destination Blombos Strand
Terrain beach/cliffs
Nature Reserve Blomboschfontein NR
  1. 2 Responses

  2. By Rachel on Feb 09, 2009

    That blue sky looks so amazing! It's still raining in London. And after spending an hour and a half getting in to work this morning, I was exceptionally jealous of the wide open spaces you guys are walking through!

  3. By Lorika Odendaal on Mar 11, 2009

    Rika is my mom and Rina is my aunt. They told me about meeting you and what a lovely chat you guys had about God and life.

    We go to Puntjie every year for holiday since i was a baby and i go back there as many times as i can. I'ts a little piece of heaven and i feel blessed to be one of the chosen few to have grown up there!

    Keep up your good work.