Hiking Day 133 - 27th May: Navy Boats!

Hike Date 2009-05-27
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Distance 10.8 km
Day Number 133
Map Number 61
Destination Durban
Overnight Glenda and Haldane Howieson
Terrain Harbour and into Durban
Nature Reserve
  1. 3 Responses

  2. By Caroline on Jun 01, 2009

    hey guys don't you wish you had joined the navy!!!
    Still praying for you and can't wait to see you. 1month to go today and counting.
    watch for hippos and crocs a bunch of sneeky buggers as they can come up on you before you know it! loads love

  3. By Caroline on Jun 01, 2009

    by the way checked in on the houses all looking great but weird not seeing you or Meg there. Wilderness and Knysna are still standing but definately need your spirit when you get back!

  4. By chummy on Jun 15, 2009

    Hi Cas

    I suppose with the few hikers that actually do this coast walk, feeding of the crocs has been quiet for some time. Suppose you can call them previously dis-nourished!!!