Hiking Day 141 - 4th June: Crocodile Rivers

Hike Date 2009-06-04
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Distance 15.9 km
Day Number 141
Map Number 63/64
Destination Blythedale
Overnight Blythedale Campsite
Terrain Soft Sand
Nature Reserve
  1. 2 Responses

  2. By Jack Short on Jun 06, 2009

    Amazing to hear you guys are at Blythedale already!!!! You are an inspiration to us all(Fish river training squad) We have exactly 1 month to go!!! Good luck when you reach the mighty Tugela river. Watch out for crocs on the Black Umfolozi river mouth-swim like hell!!! If you need accomodation on your return journey SHOUT the Toti gang will gladly put you up.Good luck guys.

  3. By chummy on Jun 15, 2009

    Hi Jack.

    Think that might be a phrase that you are sick of!
    Thanks for the interest, and the offer of accommodation. Enjoy your Canyon Hike, and don't drink too much water, as we will be needing some when we get there!