Parting thoughts. For in me the desire to account to God for the life lent to me!

Written on day 152 (15th June)

I have definitely come to another cross-road in my life. There are two aspects to the run-up to this cross road.

  • A life long plan/dream coming together.
  • The actual event of walking the coastline between Cape Point and Kosi Bay.


There are very few people in this life who get afforded the opportunity and privilege of living out their dream. I have been so aware of how many people have played a part in the fulfillment of this dream. My family, Meg, Rachel and Ruth have definitely been the greatest support one could ever imagine. Meg has traveled all over the country to make sure that we have what we need for our walk. And I know how difficult this time apart has been! Rachel has run the most amazing web-site, all done while holding down her own job. (In London nog-al). Ruth has made sure that our advertising designs and logos have been professional and that our yellow/green backpack covers do not get missed. My mom for flying down to Durban for a single sitting lunch appointment with us. Those who contributed financially to the operation account. Those who contributed to the Phakamisa account. Alan for reviving the dream and making it happen. Carol for accompanying Meg on the long trips. Gary and Leon and the Transcedent Team for keeping the flag flying in the business. Folk we have met along the way who have assisted us and encouraged us on our walk. Long standing friends who have gone out of their way to help us! Special friends who have upheld us through their prayers, and through their SMS messages. Folk who have traveled far to be with us. James, Caroline, Michaela and Richard, Pippa and Bruce for making the effort to be at kosi bay to welcome us at the end of the walk!

So at the cross-road, I stand enriched and encouraged and challenged! We all need a dream that’s worth working towards. Irrespective of the enormity or complexity of your dream, we have proven that it can be done “ONE–STEP–AT–A–TIME!


It’s impossible to describe the beauty of our coastline, and the beauty of our people. If only we could all see both beauties.

The time spent, relatively un-interrupted, walking our beautiful, magnificent, awe-inspiring coastline. Five and a half months, most of it spent in inner silence, just with the sound of nature, and the yearning to hear the word of God in my heart! It’s not on the waves, or on the winds of the storm, it’s not in the power of the sea or the greatness of the weather. It’s not in the whisper of the moon rising over a calm ocean, or even in the vastness of His creation. But I have heard the guiding voice of the Father in the stillness of my own heart.(Be still and know that I am God!) Luke 17 vs 20&21 (NIV) has had such a powerful impact on me over the past 5 months. God wants us to worship Him and only Him. Everyday ordained for me, was written in your book, before one of them came into being!!! Psalm 139. For as long as we live outside of His written account for us, we will search in vain!

I have become so aware as to how we have westernized Christianity. We have quantified and justified everything, including our faith. There is no such thing as a justified and quantified faith! Faith stands on its own! As Christians we are stuck at the curtain, separating us from the Holy of Holies. When will it come to pass?, when will we have faith?

Even know as I write these thoughts down on to paper, my mind is racing as to how I can keep from being caught up in the western 24/7, 7 days a week mindset. The only way I know how, is to let God direct my whole being in the way He wants to. Being still, I have found that all we do, and all that we are, is just a link in God’s plan for us. It’s in our busyness, as we let the links of the chain break, that we miss out on the true purpose of our lives. Then we start a mindless scramble for things to replace lost thoughts and missed pre-ordained meetings and events!

So at the cross-road I stand determined not to miss out on the life lent to me!


I have always endeavored to be of assistance to the youth of our community in one form or another, scouts, cubs, Sunday school, youth groups and fellowship groups. I have always put this assistance in front of my own family’s needs and requirements! And to a large extent I have only been of value to the community because of their un-selfishness, understanding and support. A total of about 30 years in all. So I think the time has come to re-assess the situation and allocate/spend time, quality time with them. Doing the things that most families should be enjoying, doing together. Meg has supported me through my career, through my community involvement projects and through my hobbies (Hobbies like cutting grass!!!).

It’s time for me to support her and the girls in their dreams and aspirations. I know more than anything at this time, Meg would like our house finished and long outstanding projects completed. Rachel and Ruth on the other hand need more family time and more interest shown in the challenges of life that they both face.

They say one dream lived becomes the birth of the next dream!